About The Golden Book

Click to buy on a copy of the Golden Book

The first mention I heard of the Golden Book was in a footnote in a copy of “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford. According to my copy (Random House, 1981 Edition on page 18) of Bradford, Golden Book was very popular during Bradford’s time and also known as the “Dial of The Princes”. While it was pleasing to have stumbled across this historical obscurity, it was equally frustrating to try to trace a copy, until I realised that the Golden Book is actually another title for Marcus’s “Meditations”. I couldn’t find a copy for sale anywhere under the title of the Golden Book, so I made my own copy on Amazon  here (just to have a copy titled as the Golden Book rather than Meditations). You are welcome to share in the fruits of my labour and purchase a copy here, although the text (as Meditations) is widely available in several places online though here for example.

There is also a copy in google books, but it appears to be a scan of a copy and somewhat hard to read. You can download/see it here.

Alternatively of course, you can just listen to the podcast.

To be honest, I find it a hard book to read, and that’s why I had decided to record myself reading it as an aid to myself, but I enjoyed it so much, I decided to share these recordings.


3 thoughts on “About The Golden Book

  1. I first read the name Marcus Aurelius in the book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”by Robin Sharma,and found myself with huge zest to learn the philosophy of this respected philosopher.

    • Barry says:

      Hi Edzisane, how bizarre you should mention The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari as I was just looking at it in a bookshop today. Guess I’ll have to go back and buy it now. Thanks for the comment and for visiting.

  2. […] can read more about the book here if you like: http://www.themapodcast.wordpress.com/about/about-the-golden-book/, which also has links to the podcast in various formats, more about Marcus himself, maps of the […]

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